Rhode Runner

Wondering if anyone out there has begun working on a Rhode Runner? I am just getting started on one.


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RE: Rhode Runner

   Hi Ed,

I've been wondering the same.  Where are you located?  I'm on the fence about building one for my 4th build.  



RE: Rhode Runner

   Hey Chris,

I am in San Antonio, TX. This is my first build, so I kinda jumped into the deep end. So far I have epoxied all the frame doublers, and will soon begin the puzzle joints and scarf joints.



RE: Rhode Runner


Long ways from me in Indiana.  Keep us updated! 

What are you doing for a windshield?  Thats what killed my enthusiasm for being one of the first to order the kit was the after-thought looking windshield brackets of the prototype.  I think these Rhode Runners would look great with a wooden frame windshield similar to a Lyman or something else more creative than chrome plated brackets that are getting harder and harder and more expensive to find all the time.  For anyone thats built up a windshield like that from scratch and a napkin drawing they know how much work and trial and error it is.  I think with CLC's capabilities, a CNC cut wood windshield framework option would be the way to go.  I have no idea if they are working on such a thing or not but if a tasteful option was offered it would put me over the edge to buy the kit for my next boat. 

Looking forward to seeing more of these built and how people customize them.   

RE: Rhode Runner

   Maybe thats a little harsh but cant go back and edit it.  Perhaps I just need to be able to see the finished one in person.  At least they offer the brackets with the kit so you dont have to source them when going that route.  I'm sure it looks fine in person. 

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