Paddle a tandem wherry?

I'm looking to build an Annapolis Tandem, to be a quick sliding-seat single-rower boat. I need the payload of the tandem. 

I'm wondering: If the sliding seat is in the usual single-rower position, could I sit forward-facing, in a little diy seat that would be between the rowing unit and the aft seat? Could I perhaps paddle the boat from this position?

Imagine a quiet morning on a lake, using the sliding seat to get out to position quickly and then turning around and paddling it like a canoe.

Would the bow stay in the water if there's just one body, a big one, back there? 

Is paddling a tandem wherry going to be a mess? Tracking, angle of holding paddle, etc.

I'm hoping to order my kit this week. Pretty sure the tandem is it, but also considering Chester Yawl. Appreciate hearing your feedback.

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RE: Paddle a tandem wherry?

   I've used a tandem wherry to develop a forward-rowing oar system. Early on, when there were mechanical issues I'd  use my paddle to get home. Even with a ~6 foot Northwoods it was slow going. In the wherry with its 38" beam, seated amidships I had to stroke the water at a high angle. I clocked about 1 mph vs 3-4 rowing. 

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