Kaholo 14 Joining Hull pieces

It seemed odd to me that there was not more spelled out regarding connecting teh puzzle joint for hull pieces.  The deck and side are straight forward as there are only two pieces.  But the bottom hull is different.

Short vid showing my concerns.

I understand that you tape the puzzle joints but how carefull should I be around the seem between the two forward pieces of the hul?  These need to bend and shape to the ribs in the boat.  The epoxy when it hardens is anything but flexible it seems, how does this work?

The two peices also start to form a hull shape because of how pinch together in the center.  While this might be desireable I am curious how it will impact my application of weights when allowing it to cure.  Should I maintain that shape some or discourage it and howld everything flat?

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RE: Kaholo 14 Joining Hull pieces

The forward hull pieces are cut so that they give a nice 3D bow shape when the boat is stitched together.  That is why it does not want to lay flat.  When you are gluing the puzzle joints (and while stored prior to stitching), allow the two bow panels to overlap towards the front.  This will take pressure off the puzzle joint area so it will fit properly.  When you start stitching the bottom to the side panels, the bow forms the proper shape.  It is hard to see in the picture, but the panels are overlapped.  I have an empty box sitting on the tip so that I do not accidently step on it and break it. 


RE: Kaholo 14 Joining Hull pieces

   Thank you Mark N,

It is about what I expected.

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