I am on the home stretch of finishing my WD12 Hybrid and after just applying the fiberglass and first coat of epoxy on the deck and sheer panels, I am wishing I had maybe added some decorative enhancements.

I imagine it is too late to add anything on top of an epoxied surface like letters or an overlay decoration??



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RE: Lettering/Decorations

A wooden onlay would give you a bit of a bump that would need to be faired in with unthickened epoxy. It would not look like an inlay the way an onlay done before glassing does. It would appear to be floating over the deck by a little. That said, done with care (to avoid bubbles) and a careful choice of onlay it would work just fine and look very nice.

A rice paper graphic would also work well. The only loss is that it wouldn't have the protection of a layer of glass over it, but it would still be protected by the additional epoxy and varnish.

Vinyl graphics and letters are meant to be applied after varnish anyway so you're not losing anything by putting them on now instead of later.

Paint that is compatible with your varnish can be used to draw a design under or on top of the varnish. Things to look out for are making sure that the paint sticks to the varnish for varnish first and varnish sticking to the paint for paint first. with paint first you also need to make sure that the varnish won't dissolve the paint.

In short, you've still got lots of options for decorating your new boat. Depending on just what you end up using, you may be better off waiting until you've launched and paddled a few times. That way you'll know which areas are high wear and not put your decorations exactly where they'll be scratched the most.

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RE: Lettering/Decorations

Vinyl graphics and letters are meant to be applied after varnish anyway so you're not losing anything by putting them on now instead of *earlier*.

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RE: Lettering/Decorations

Laszlo quipped:

"Why is an edit your post feature so impossible?"

I've wondered often about that myself.

Struck me again when I read your initial reply above, wondered just what it was you were trying to convey; your syntax is usually quite clear in meaning.

A forum software upgrade was done once here before I think? Perhaps some trauma from that experience persists in memory? It's not impossible, just not high on any lists.

Dunno. Other things more important. I hesitate to touch the Post Message button here more than any other forum I frequent, even after I've read over what I've keystroked into the message field....

RE: Lettering/Decorations

   Glad to hear I still have options to decorate my WD12 and thank you again for your input.

RE: Lettering/Decorations

   Try decals for lettering.  Many choices.  I got mine through BoatUS, but CLC has some to.

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