faering cruiser

my faering is coming along well, faster than I expected...deck glassing done last night, and will be turning the boat over pretty soon. What a fun project this one has been!

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RE: faering cruiser

Do you have any pictures?



RE: faering cruiser

   What kind of budget do you expect for this build?  I am still debating one of these but always seem to gravitate toward a smaller (cheaper) build.  I love the sail and oar combination of this boat, along with the looks!


RE: faering cruiser

   I am just at the start. When delivered the parts seeem all present but the only documentation are the blue prints and diagram of parts. Was there supported to be some manual? I will try to contact clc monday. Does anyone have a manual they could copy for me?

RE: faering cruiser

There is no manual. That's why it's sold as a ProKit boat. It's meant for experienced builders who know how to build S&G boats in general and just need the parts and info specific to the particular boat. Builders are expected to have "a knowledge of wood-epoxy boatbuilding and the ability to work from drawings". If this is not you, there are some ways to get around this.

First, examine the pictures in the construction gallery. There's a lot of good info there on how things go together. You can't go wrong building it in the same order that CLC used to build the prototype.

Next, the Cruiser is a basically a double-ended lapstitch dinghy on steroids. Its construction method is very similar to the way that the Skerry is built. Buying a Skerry manual would give you detailed explanations of a lot of the processes that you will need to master.

Finally, definitely talk to CLC about this. They may have better ideas on how to proceed.

Good luck,




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