Bigger sail for Tenderly?

I know about the upcoming Tenderly XP, but am not sure that's the best interior layout and build process for me. 

I'm wondering if a slightly larger lug sail might fit the bill for a little more sailing performance and excitement. Does anyone have any insight as to if the passagemaker lug rig, for example, might work on the tenderly?

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RE: Bigger sail for Tenderly?

The lug sails are the same for Tenderly, PMD, Skerry, or Northeaster Dory:

I have a PMD (take apart) with that sail, and my experience is that it pulls like a mule once one understands how to set it for best performance.  I've clocked her going 4-1/2 knots close hauled in a steady breeze maybe not quite 10 knots, faster with the wind free.  Surprised me, especially for such a short, curvacious boat, beamy boat.

Mine has two reefs sewn in.  The first gets used fairly often, the second once in a while if things are really snotty.  I don't know that she'd be much faster with a bigger sail.  A bigger, taller rig might make her a little faster in light air, but I don't know that it'd be worth all the extra mast length, longer spars, etc., and it could get unhandy when it breezes on.


RE: Bigger sail for Tenderly?

Maybe the PMD Gunter rig could be adapted to a Tenderly?  I think it has about the same area as the Tenderly XP aka Lake Union Swift, though they are not the same.


RE: Bigger sail for Tenderly?

   Got it, thanks! I must have been looking at the sloop rig when I saw more square footage. Glad to hear you've got some horsepower out of your tenderly. 

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