Passagemaker stop tang

 Hi everyone. I'm sure my answer is somewhere in this forum already but can't find it in my searches. Can you help me with where the stop tang goes on the rudder assembly on a Passagemaker? In instructions don't mention it and pictures don't show it. Thanks to you all that have posted and helped us with your responses.

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RE: Passagemaker stop tang

Hello Matthew

Page 137 of the manual it say goes "just above the upper pintle and gundgeon".... however, the picture that is next to it shows the star knob just above it... the star know is located next to the lower one....

I think it needs to be installed in the top one... because: it is easier to access if sailing... and the top pin is shorter... ... I guess the picture is not of ta passagemeker...

I will go with the top one per the written instructions.



RE: Passagemaker stop tang

  Matthew, it needs to go in the bottom one. I am installing it now, and there isn't enough space in the top one... the picture is correct, the manual text is not

RE: Passagemaker stop tang

We put ours above the upper pintle.  Worked okay.  The only trouble was that the screw kept backing out (from twisting the tang in and out of position), and, after repeated retightenings, the screw eventually sort of lost its grip.  Replaced the screw with a fatter one, but that one kept backing out, too.  I eventually put a nylon washer between the tang and screw head, which worked, though I had to file the screw head down a little to allow the pintle fitting to pass.


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