Brass Padeye Location

I'm getting very close to finishing my Sassafras 16 canoe. The exterior is completly finished and painted and I just have a few steps left for the interior. One of which is to glue the bulkheads in place. Before I do that I want to determine where I'm going to place the brass padeyes that I purchased for the boat. I will be cartoping and am planing on using a padeye at the bow and stern to tie cordage to stabalize the canoe to the front and rear of my car (as well has full straps to a roof rack). Before I glue the bulkheads in place I wanted to get some advice on where to place the padeyes incase I need to reinforce a spot on the bulkeads to screw the padeyes into. 

So to my questions.....

Aesthetically, is there an ideal place to locate the padeyes? My thought here is at the stem, but I'm not sure there is enough to screw into there. I did not extend the inwales completly into the stem so there is a small gap where ideally the padeye would go. So if that is where they go I'll need to add something there. 


One thought I had was to purchase two more padeyes and use two on both the bow and stern so that they can be screwed through the bulkhead and into the inwale. This would mean locating the padeyes 3"-12" from the stem on both the port and starboard side to keep it semetrical. Any suggestions/reference pictures would be great. 

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