Help with Petrel Play SG Hatch Recess

I have been unable to get the Petrel Play SG hatch recess assembled, so I'm pretty well stuck in my build.

I can't get the puzzle joint on either hatch to close all the way and have ~1/4 inch gap. I've disassembled and started over several times at this point, and can't figure this out. Does anyone have any advice?


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RE: Help with Petrel Play SG Hatch Recess

   I have had the same problem, especially with the bow hatch. In fact I ordered a second front hatch. I had to heat the wood with a small ceramic electric heater to soften the wood. This worked well for me. I was told you can use a hair dryer or the microwave oven. I would try heating the wood to make it more flexible. Good luck.

Mine Broke

   I built this boat for my wife in 2018 and had the same issue.  Mine actually broke as I stitched it together.  I had to patch it with 4-once fiberglass cloth and epoxy.  I remember tightening things gradually all the way around to force it into place after the repair.  

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