Epoxy pump between uses

Do you need to clean or cover the resin and hardener pumps between uses?  If so, how?


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RE: Epoxy pump between uses

if you mean between working sessions (e.g.. i am going to bed now and willl pick up this project later this week), i always wrap a little tab of blue tape over the end of the spigot  when i end a session.   this prevents drips and the little crud that develops on the spigot if left in the open air.   i do also try to keep things clean and will wipe down the spigot with a little bit of a white-vinegar dampened paper towel if i have epoxy spilled on the spigots or containers.   fwiwi, i always set my epoxy up on a little sheet of disposable plastic as spills will inevitable happen and i want to protect my work table form epoxy.   while my sentence is long here...doing what i am describing is only about 2 inches of blue tape per spigot and 30 seconds.   last point on this, depending where you live, is i will move my epoxy inside if the temps overnight have the possibility of dropping.  again, i use a plastic-lined box to ensure the epoxy does not end up somewhere unexpected.

if between uses, you mean between projects and the epoxy is going away for a long time (e.g., months), i actually just follow the same regimen above.  i consider the spiggots disposable and basically use them as long as they function.  i don't recommend trying to remove and/or clean them.   with the regimen above, i have gotten years between pumps and have even moved them to new epoxy containers....so i have a good inventory of spare pumps now :)



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