Canvas Cover Supports

I purchased a cover for the eastport pram that I am trying to retro fit for my Ultralight since CLC does not sell a cover for the Ultralight.  

I thought this would be easy.  I installed two sets of batton pockets and purchased some fiberglass bow battons that I thought I would just cut to length.  I did not anticipate how strong those suckers would be.  They are REALLY hard to bend.  By the time I got the batton short enough that I could put one end in each socket it was too flat.  If anyone has a proven method for bending fiberglass and getting it to hold shape, I am listening.  

But I think there are two options.  The first is to some very thin strips of wood, probably mahogany bend them in to the correct shape an laminate them together with epoxy.  The other idea is to loft the shape I want onto a timber and cut it out on band saw.  


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RE: Canvas Cover Supports

   I made some supports for a cover for my PMD.

I'll take some pics tomorrow

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