New Northeaster Dory Build Ideas & Recommendations Wanted

I'm just starting to build a NE Dory from plans and would like any ideas for improvements or upgrades to install on my new build. I'm building this mainly for camp cruising and have already read the CLC page on camp cruising upgrades but would love to hear of anything that you might have changed or added that you feel is a needed or worthy upgrade.

I'm also planning on using this boat for the Everglades Challenge in March 2022 so if the improvements help for that all the better. Or even specifics to using this type boat in such an event. I hope I can come up with some type of dodger or shelter for the boat to be used for events like this.

If there are any links to pages, posts, blogs or photo albums that already have been discussed and listed I appologize for asking again. I have done mulitple seaches on the forum and have went back maybe 3+ years and have found some great ideas but didn't know if there was older stuff I haven't came across or new ideas not discussed yet. 

Even build pointers or things not to do while building one.

Thanks everyone for reading, Ed

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RE: New Northeaster Dory Build Ideas & Recommendations Wanted

 The NED has a great reputation but I am not sure that it is the right boat for an EC.  It is too open and has too little floatation.  The weather in S FL in March tends to be very windy and it gets quite rough.  This year I had 5 friends start the EC and one had to be rescued by the USCG before even making it across Tampa Bay.  I'd suggest that you take a look at the SKerry Raid or Guider.  Both are CLC boats that are partially decked and have more floatation.    

RE: New Northeaster Dory Build Ideas & Recommendations Wanted


Do a search on Neil Calore on this site, he won the Watertribe race in 2012 in a NE Dory.

George K

RE: New Northeaster Dory Build Ideas & Recommendations Wanted

   Mark, Thank you for your concern, and those are both great recommendations. I did look into both of those designs and really like them but CLC even recommended the NED for the EC. The Guider is a bit too heavy but the Skerry Raid is very nice. I will be installing some type of floatation into my NED build. I haven't quite decided what my course of action is - side tanks or combination of enclosed deck and boxed in thwarts. Or just using some flotation bags like others have used. I hope I can come up with a decent compromise.

George, Neil Calore and him doing the EC and other races in a NED is probably one of the reasons I picked building one for the race. I have other plans that I thought about building but it comes down to taking a much longer time to build a more involved boat or picking something like the NED that can be completed pretty quickly and know I have time to test and modify it throughout the year before the race. I like how it can be used by one person, or if my 18 yr old daughter decides to do it with me it can be used by two. I'm not sure there is a "perfect" boat for the EC, you have to weigh your options and eventually pick something. I was going to do it in a kayak but want to build something more for sailing and larger to give my daughter that option to participate in it with me.

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