Stunning new design...!

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You can say that again!   Someone is really pushing the design envelope - and it could only have come from Italy.

Whether it works or not, whether you like it or not (personally, I'm a bit undecided, but vigorously applaud the concept) it's well worth a look.


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RE: Stunning new design...!

The post...

RE: Stunning new design...!

Beautiful boat, to me.

Usually a boat has to 'look like a boat' to be pretty, but brilliant design can apparently overcome my bias.  Leave it to the Italians, as you said.

Instead of drawing its visual appeal from other boat traditions, it starts with the image of a wave moving across the sea, and creates the illusion that the paddler is being transported by the water itself, while seated comfortably in the trough of the wave.

It will be the next trend.

RE: Stunning new design...!

RE: Stunning new design...!

Don't know who you bought the kit from, Lasz, but I think you should send it back and demand a 100% refund.


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