Push/pull tiller lock


So, thinking of small winter projects, and one is trying to come up with a tiller lock/"tiller tamer" for the skerry's push/pull tiller.  I have a shock cord leash on it to keep from losing it overboard when I let go but that doesn't keep the rudder centered for those short periods when I need 2 hands.  I've had homemade and bought tiller pilots and locks on my other, conventionally tiller equipped boats but haven't quite figured a clean way to do it w/ this one.

I thought I recalled a thread in the forum some time ago but can't find it.

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RE: Push/pull tiller lock

   i use one of these clamps ,screwed with on of the oarlockscresws to clamp the tiller. https://duckworks.com/seadog-rubber-pole-storage-clips/


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