Skerry rudder assemblage

Page 110 of the directions in assembling the kit describes the rudder in picture with steps following pages. 
there are 7 pieces plus the yoke (then the tiller).  The diagram on 110 appears to have smaller pieces outside the rudder cheeks...that's the question.  This doesn't make sense to me.  Is it ornamental ?  The triangle piece above the rudder is tiny in reality.  I think.  What is the gap between the triangle and the spine and the rudder?  There aren't any photos of this (that I've found anyway).  The instructions jump photos into the wiping of glue and staying o assemble after marking the cheek with pencil.  Where do I mark it?  Can anyone turn me on to these?  How is the clothesline described in  in the directions employed.  Is it between the spine and the stop internally?  As you can see I'm a bit lost.  Thanks 



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RE: Skerry rudder assemblage

   Fred, they're needed.  The top of those cheeks provide a bottom stop for the tiller to fit onto.  You'll be taking that tiller on and off every time you take the boat out, and the cheeks provide a convenient stopping point for where the end of the tiller fits onto the rudder.  They also help keep the tiller from feeling wobbly in your hand.

  Mechanically I found the rudder assembly to be one of the more challenging aspects of the build, including the affixing of it to the hull with pintles and gudgeons.  Your questions remind me of my own trials and tribulations with the rudder build.

  If you shoot me an email to I've got some pictures from my rudder build which might be of help to you.   

  Good luck.  

RE: Skerry rudder assemblage

Fred, here is a link to a picture of my Skeery ruder.  Hope it helps   

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