Passagemaker Boat Cover Pattern?

I know CLC sells boat covers, but much like the tarps I've been using, I'd rather be disappointed by something I've made rather than something I've bought.  I would love to get my hands on a pattern to sew my own cinching boat cover, since I've sewn all of my Sailrite sail kits.  I'm okay with free or purchased pattern.  Thanks!

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RE: Passagemaker Boat Cover Pattern?


I made mine for the Passagemaker without a pattern, just watched some Sailrite videos and went for it....came out OK.

Clamped to the gunnels, marked, then sewed it up.

Corners gave me some fits, but it'll be OK for my first large project.

I made flaps bow& stern to keep UV off the varnished transoms.

I addd 2 more tiedowns per side since this photo and tie dows for the bow