Second. Oat of epoxy timing

I'm currently building a Wood Duck 12 hybrid.  Maybe it's m, but I have really been struggling with the instructions as they just are not real clear at times.  I "thought" I was filling the instructions as I fiberglassed the hull, applying the fiberglass cloth and them epoxied it.  The instructions did not tell me to apply a second coat Tom"fill the weave"".  I have now set the forms and preparing to build the deck.  Is it critical I do the second coat no or can wait until the deck is done and removed?

Thanks for any help!

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RE: Second. Oat of epoxy timing

filling the weave can be done later as you described.

when you don't do the filling the weave activity as part of the glassing step, you will just need to take a little bit more care to prep the surface for it:

-  lightly abraid the surface with sandpaper or a scotchbrite pad 

-  ensure the surface is clean and has no contaminants by rubbing it down by vacuming the surface and rubbing it down with a clean cloth (i use high quality paper towels ) soaked in  denatured alcolhol 

let the denatured alcohol evaporate off and you are ready to go:) 

RE: Second. Oat of epoxy timing

   I can certainly do that, thanks!

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