Epoxy finish before painting

I have decided not to use the Interlux Pre Coat for all the reasons given to me in my last post. The question being how do I know my epoxy finish is smooth? I have read in previous posts that the epoxy might look smooth but once you apply the Brightside hidden sins show.

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RE: Epoxy finish before painting

clc, in its builder tips, gives a good overview of sanding including how to sand if no primer is used:


my own technique doesn't vary from CLC's suggestions in any material way.

imperfections can usually be seen if you pay attention to lighting and also use denatured alcohol to rub-down and test sections.  your fingers can also give you a sense of do you have a smooth surface.   its really not that hard to see the quality of your work as you develop experience in looking at the hull with the right light and from the right distance.

i would also add that even if your epoxy work is perfect,  that the act of painting itself can create imperfections, drips, sags, dust etc. 

so part of what you need to sort out is what standard are you trying to acheive and 'don't over do it' and enjoy your boat and use it.  you will always have time in the future to refinish it if you want to raise your standards. 

for me, i like to be paddling, so my standard is one pace (3 feet away).  if from 3 feet away it looks ok, i am fine with it and move on.


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