Southwester Dory

How big is the engine insert?  How much room is there without the insert?  Has anyone made a mount that is just large enought for a trolling motor if its not rotated?

Has anyoone build this or the Northeastern Dory in a portable garage?


I really want to build this soon and just trying to think everything out before starting.

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RE: Southwester Dory

   I am building a southwester dory. It is a big boat. I would suggest at least a double garage for building. You need space to build the hull and space for extras like the deck, motor well and centerboard.  The motor well is not small and takes up a lot of room. I considered not putting it in, but the motor well is why I ordered the southwester dory. If I didn't want the motor well then I would have chosen a different boat.  I am going to order an epropulsion spirit 1.0 plus for my boat. I am also building it for sailing. The electric motor will be quieter and have no exhaust being in the passenger compartment. The electric motor offers reverse without turning the motor around. I can give you measurements if that's what you're looking for. I'm building my boat in my shop which is a triple garage. 

RE: Southwester Dory

   Thank you for your infor and insight.  Yes I would like the measurements  I purchased the plans for both the Southwester and Northeaster Dory's.  I will most likely take a trip to CLC to look at the Southwester Dory before I buy.

RE: Southwester Dory

   The motor well is 16x32 i nches and 10 inches wide. 

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