Cycling my Skerry


Hi all, 

so I' m building a Skerry. When it's ready I have to transport it for a couple of Miles to the water (canal or nearby lake). As a bike commuter I would love to do this by bike. I saw on YouTube a fellow (fossilfool) who cycles his Goat Island Skiff around the Bay area. His solution is brilliant but a little too technical for my taste ( he can transport his bike and trailer on his boat as well!). Does any of you have a simpel cart that just connects to your bike?





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RE: Cycling my Skerry

I plan on the same once I am done with mine too, but I have yet to figure that out or start thinking of how to do it yet.  Check out the pictures in the Northeaster Dory, Main (Old Gallary), picture #39.  It has been done.

RE: Cycling my Skerry

I did once briefly tow my Passagemaker Dinghy on the heavy duty beach dolly (purchased from CLC when we bought the kit) with my recumbent delta tricycle (a Sun EZ), just to prove that it was possible.  Tied the grip hole in the bow transom off to the back of the seat frame.

Where we used to live, there was a small pond in a nearby (less than a mile and a half) neighborhood which I used to pass if I were cycling around near home.  We (my youngest son and I) had often thought we might try, as a stunt, a completely no-octane messing about in boat session by pulling the boat up to a piece of public land which abutted said pond to amaze and amuse, it was hoped, the folks living in houses adjacent to the pond, hoping the pretty boat would lessen the chances of any of those folks launching anti-ship missles in our direction or involving us in a conversation with the local police as to the legality of the operation.  That would have been an awkward conversation made more awkward by the fact that our Gahanna police are not equipped with easily deployable rowboats.

Anyway, yes, it ought to be feasible.  Please send photos.  <;-)


RE: Cycling my Skerry

   I am building an Eastport Pram, and I very interested in a solution here as well.

RE: Cycling my Skerry

Thanks for the replies. I've looked into the said picture (NE dory # 39), it looks feasible indeed. On the other hand, I think I prefer a connection to my bikeframe just below the saddle instead of a connection at the rear axle. I'll keep you posted. Cheers and happy new year! Rolf


RE: Cycling my Skerry

I pull a Merry Wherry 2 on my bike. (hull only, 55 lbs).  Its probably 100 with Row wing, oars, 2 yr old and miscellany.  It works well enough, but you'll need those low gears!

Trailer wheels a bit of trade-off, I used harbor freight 10" inflatatbles.  Not optimal for beach or road, but work ok on both.


RE: Cycling my Skerry


   Do you have a picture? I'm stil pondering about a good setup.


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