Kaholo bow stitching precision

Our family is building 3 Kaholo 12' 6" SUPs (and a Skerry, but that's a whole other thing).  We've gotten to the point of stitching and are struggling with the stitching on the bottom piece very close to the bow (forward of the first bulkhead).  We've drilled and added a few stitch points, which is helping.  But how precisely do the two bottom pieces need to join right along the keel line?  Is it okay if one side slightly overlaps the other side, or do the two pieces really need to meet right on the "corner" of each piece of plywood?  The instructions say to not try to plane these pieces because it just makes it worse. But getting these two pieces to meet perfectly on the corner of the plywood is pretty difficult.

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RE: Kaholo bow stitching precision

Hello Michael,

    I just completed my bride's Kaholo 12.5 hybrid a couple of months ago.  Without bevels on the inside, it is normal to get a bit of overlap where the panels form a sharp angle.  I had the same on my build.  This is not an issue because there will be a thick fillet inside and you will sand/plane a nice smooth radius on the outside before glassing.

RE: Kaholo bow stitching precision

   Thanks Mark!  Just what I needed to know.  Great that the sanding of the radius will take care of any small overlap.  Beautiful boat!

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