Kayak - Should there be 3 pieces of fabric?

I think I know the answer to this unless something has changed since the book was published.  I am ready to fiberglass the cockpit so I opened the two plastic bags of fiberglass fabric.  I assumed there was going to be two pieces of the heavier weight fabric but there was only one piece in it.  Am I supposed to cut from the long piece or am I missing a short section?  I knew I was going to have to trim it to fit, but I was expecting a piece that was close to fitting.  I am pretty sure I am missing a piece.  Can someone confirm this?

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RE: Kayak - Should there be 3 pieces of fabric?

   Also, if I do have to wait on the fabric to arrive is there any issues with flipping the kayak and starting to sand the exterior of the hull to prepare it for fabric? Bow and stern are taped and complete.  

RE: Kayak - Should there be 3 pieces of fabric?

  Actually I can't sand the outside with the wire so I guess I'm stuck waiting on the fiberglass.

RE: Kayak - Should there be 3 pieces of fabric?

What book? Which kayak? There's a few different types, you know.


RE: Kayak - Should there be 3 pieces of fabric?

Hello Mr Time,

    As Lazlo says, hard to help if we do not know which boat, which book and if it is CLC kit. 

    I see another post from you that mentioned the Chesapeake so I will go out on a limb and assume you are building a Chesapeake from kit.  That series uses 4oz on top of deck and 6 oz on hull bottom and cockpit floor.  Page 93 of the build manual says to separate the three pieces of cloth.  If you only got two, take a look and see if one is a lighter weight than the other.  If one is lighter, then that is for the deck, set it aside.  If you only have one piece of the heavier cloth, then measure its length.  If it is about 6' longer than your boat, then CLC shipped all the 6oz cloth as a single piece.  All you have to do is cut off enough for the C/P and save the rest for the hull.  Make sure that the hull piece will not be too short before you cut.  Measure twice cut once.  If you do not have enough length, then likely that CLC shorted you that piece.

Hope that this helps.


RE: Kayak - Should there be 3 pieces of fabric?

   Thank you for the replies.  I should have measured before I posted.  It didn't seem like that much material when I was looking for the separate cockpit piece, but it is just shy of 27 feet.   Sorry folks, but thanks for the help.   

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