Artic Hawk Gunwhales

I am working on the Artic Hawk and just finished putting on the gunwhales. The Manual says they need to be planed but there is no information in the Manual as to how much I need to plane off. I want to make sure not to take off too much. Can anyone advise me ?



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RE: Artic Hawk Gunwhales

hi mark,

i have built the arctic hawk...its a beautiful boat.

you need to plane it mostly adjacent and forward of the cockpit to match the curvature of the that when you attach the deck it sits flush with the gunwhales.   

the back of an arctic hawk is basically flat (aft of the cockpit) it will just be a little planing to level out the top of the gunwale becuase the sides of the boat are not vertical.

if you do it right, when you place the deck on, you will not see an open seam on the outside of the boat or the inside of the boat where the deck attaches to the the sides.  there is not a lot of planing needed on the be careful and take a little off at a time and check-fit often.

picture of my arctic hawk below:

i hope that helps


RE: Artic Hawk Gunwhales

   yes, that helps a lot. Your boat looks great, hope my turns out as well. Thanks

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