Kaholo Buikhead Cutout Question

Our family is building 3 Kaholo 12' 6'' kits and have run into a question about the cutouts in the bulkheads.  We see in the manual photos that the cutouts are completely empty, but the kit pieces have the ovals and rounded rectangle cutouts mostly cut out but still in place.  Is the intent for us to finish cutting out these holes, or should we leave them as delivered in the kit?  The manual is silent on this point.

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RE: Kaholo Buikhead Cutout Question

Cut them out.  The idea is to save weight and allow water drainage if water gets inside your board. If you got water in one part and didn’t cut out the bulkhead circles, you’d never get the water to your drain plug.  Just make sure everything inside is sealed with epoxy.   

RE: Kaholo Buikhead Cutout Question

   I just did a Kaholo last winter. Yes, cut out the inserts held by just a couple of bridges.  I think it's because of how they machine out the pieces on their big CNC router.  It holds sheets of plywood down on a big table with vacuum thru holes in the table and the router head on a gantry over it cuts per the program.  By leaving the pieces attached by small bridges, they don't risk loose small bits getting kicked around by the router bit.  That's my assumption anyway, having seen the system in person.  

I kept the removed pieces and used them as clamping pads under my clamps, shims to hold the hull steady on the sawhorses, as samples for checking my paint and varnish and other little things.  I always need scrap bits of wood for something.  A clever sort might even be able to use them for nameplates, backing plates for fasteners, etc.

RE: Kaholo Buikhead Cutout Question

Welcome to the club Michael.  I literally just put the second coat of varnish on the 12.5 Hybrid that I am building for my bride.  Building three and then using them sounds like a recipe for much fun!

I don't know at what level you are when it comes to SUP, but I have two recommendations.

First, I would strongly recomend ditching the standard fins and going with the fin box.  This will allow you to tailor the boat's performance and stability to both the conditions and paddler's ability.  This will also make it much easier to transport your three boards stacked.  The install is easy if you do it before joining the bottom to the sides.

Secondly, I'd recommend installing the optional Beckson hatch.  This will allow access to the inside of the boat if needed plus you can get the ditty bag to store your cell.  If you go with the Beckson, you can drill a small hole in the cover which eliminates the need for the breather tube. 


RE: Kaholo Buikhead Cutout Question

   Really beautiful boat, Mark!  Looks like you have a fleet of beautiful boats.  Thanks to all of you for your input and advice.  We'll cut out those inserts and press ahead.

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