Re-prepping after epoxy screw-up

Wetted out the fiberglass on the CY skeg at 9 this morning and put the work light on under the area to speed curing, and at 5 pm it was still wet.  Strangely too, the mix in the cup was still liquid and cool, not its usual rock solid hockey puck, and the brush was nice and flexible... 

I figure I must have distractedly mixed 2 parts "A" with 1 part "A", and totally chagrined, have stripped off the fiberglass (it looked so good).

Now I get a re-do.  The hull strake has its several coats of hardened epoxy, so that's going to be fine with wiping off the resin. But the skeg was unfinished and now the surface is permeated with part "A".  There too I'll wipe as much off as I can with denatured alcohol. 

Is there any thing else I should do before putting down the new fiberglass and wetting it out?  Sand? 

Will the fiberglass adhere satisfactorily is my biggest concern.  Not a major structural concern really, but a finish one.  I want to paint the bottom and don't want the skeg to blister and peel three months from now.

Thanks for advice.


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RE: Re-prepping after epoxy screw-up

i have made similar mistakes in the past.

if i am working with unfinished wood, my approach is, after doing what you already did (remove all excess, wipe down with denatured alcohol), is let it 'dry' and then sand it down to bare wood.

when i have not sanded in the past, i have gotten blisters after a while where it simply did not bond properly to the contaminated surface.

others may have had diferent experience....but that is what happened with me.


RE: Re-prepping after epoxy screw-up

   Thanks h, am sanding now....

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