waterlust rowing

Has anybody configured a Waterlust Canoe for rowing as well as for pedalling? I enjoy both. 

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RE: waterlust rowing

Have you also built one?

Or are you asking out of interest whether other builders have done so because you're considering taking on this Pro Kit CLC'S made available?

I was working towards getting mine launched this year (purchased the first day they were announced back late in 2016 - mine may have been the first CLC sold - I didn't begin my build until early last November) yet it's still high and dry ('other stuff' impeded my plans) in my garage as I finish painting the hull.

One of my secondary goals had been to see how it trims when I'm aboard with no other gear. This is how I envison my eventual use most of the time, either sailing or pedaling. Trim will affect just where oarlocks should be placed as well as the length of oar needed. A Waterlust's deck and generous freeboard don't make it in easy proposition to add oars yet Dillon Majoros agrees that adding oars is possible but not simply a matter of mounting oarlocks then getting on with it.

Before I bonded the deck to the hull I added a bit of solid wood shaped to fit just aft of that fourth frame, extending almost back to the fifth but just at the fourth panel. This reinforces the panel and gunwale where I felt oarlocks would most likely to end up being mounted.

On a side note: there are two Waterlust builders over across the Pond, one in the UK and another in Norway. These fellows both have recently launched and sailed theirs. They're posting to a sister company's forum (you can view their thread here) about their experiences.

Both have been posting about their experiences when testing how easy it is (or not!) to turn a Waterlust capsize into a non-event. With pictures and links to videos their thread is worth a careful look!

(I've been an active participant there too since I became aware of that forum with their thread earlier this year. So much less hassle posting images! It's a great resource for infomation about this unique product from CLC.)

RE: waterlust rowing

Thanks for your informative reply spclark, and for pointing towards the Waterlust build blog hosted by a Fyne. 

I’ve been seriously considering building the CLC Peapod to use in the Australian Noosa River and Lakes system, the majority of which is shoal draft. I'm seeking sailing, rowing, and occasional overnight camping on the water. I very much like the Peapod for sailing and rowing, but less so for the overnighting.

The Waterlust offers attractive sailing, pedal power for non- shoal areas, and overnighting. However I want rowing for the more frequent shoal areas.  Hence my question.

Your Waterlust build is looking very nice.


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