Annapolis Tandem wherry - possible stupid question

I have built a tandem wherry and have great fun rowing down the creek to the mouth of the river where i wistfully look across the harbour and occasionally tiptoe out on a calm day. Is there anything i could do to make my wherry a little more 'expedition' like? I was thinking of anything between a clip-on deck to watertight compartments that i temporarily fix to the insides somehow. Anyone had similar ideas or is this just daft and i should build myself an expedition wherry (assuming i had the space to store it)


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RE: Annapolis Tandem wherry - possible stupid question

Flotation bags look like your friend. That and good weather reports, a waterproof VHF radio, a PFD and a reentry ladder.

That tandem wherry strikes me as at least as seaworthy as a sea kayak, what with the extra beam, larger displacement, the stability from the oars and the flotation from the sealed compartments, so by adding even more flotation you should be able to handle getting swamped.

Don't forget to leave a float plan and to bring along the common sense.


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