PMD Sail Seems High

Finally got this thing rigged up but can't get over how high the sail looks. There seems to be way more mast between the forward seat and the boom compared to the line drawing in the manual and pics if other builds I've seen online.  What say you?




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RE: PMD Sail Seems High

It's a bit hard to tell on account of the "fisheye" wide angle lens effect, but I think you simply may have hoisted hoisted the sail higher than "normal".  My experience with our own PMD would seem to confirm that a bit more distance between the halyard beehole through the mast and upper yard than you have in these photos is needed so that the yard can swing around the mast without binding as the sheets are eased.  Here is a Dropbox folder of our PMD getting sorted out for her first sail, containing some photos which may illustrate this better than I can explain:

Also, you might want to get more tension of the head and foot along the yards, and maybe set the lacing up a bit more snuggly so there's not so much gap between the sail and the yards.  Good tension along the head and foot, along with good tension on the luff, are key to getting the sail to set well, especially for upwind work.  Otherwise, it all starts to look like a bedsheet on broomsticks.   <;-)


RE: PMD Sail Seems High

Charlie's boat:

Michael's boat


RE: PMD Sail Seems High

Thank you, Michael!  The other pics I saw online, and the one in the manual, show the sail pulled to the top of the mast, but just lowering it a foot did the trick.

Your pics have been a huge help through this project. Thanks, again.

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