Peeler Skiff Complete

After 15 months of (mostly) boat building bliss, my Peeler Skiff is complete.  The build went well.  Having experience building a Shearwater 17 several years ago was a big help.  I appreciate CLC’s quick support answering the few questions I had.

I have taken the Peeler out 6 times in the past 2 weeks, mostly on the Connecticut river but also few local lakes.  The Peeler is everything I hoped it would be: stable, comfortable for 4 adults but outright luxurious for 2, excellent handling large wakes and waves, economical to run, easy to launch and retrieve, and I make new friends every time I go out because people are drawn to the boat like moths to a flame.




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RE: Peeler Skiff Complete

   that's really beautiful - congratulations!

RE: Peeler Skiff Complete

That is one seriously elegant skiff, my man.  I wish you all joy of showing off your fine work, but hope you are able to get away from the line of admirers to actually get out and have some adventures on the water.  What a handy, dandy little motorboat for messing about!


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