Skerry for sale


2008 Skerry   row/sail combination       In good condition       $550

will send pics 





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RE: Skerry for sale

   Hi Mary, Looking for some more info. What's included in the sale (sails, spars, oars, rigging, trailer, etc)? Where is the boat located?

RE: Skerry for sale

   Everything is included. Timberlake, NC 

RE: Skerry for sale

   Boat was built 2009 ; I have all the papers     

RE: Skerry for sale

Hi Mary,

Could you, please send some pictures? We do not live very far apart, it seems. Would love to come by, if possible. Any wood damage/rot? What conditions are the sails in?

Thank you,


RE: Skerry for sale

   Hi Mary, I'd also be interested in getting some photos and more info. Thanks!👍

RE: Skerry for sale


   I can send pics through text....send me phone number.......




RE: Skerry for sale

Times like this I wonder if this forum shouldn't just be a Facebook (reddit/discord?) group. I realise it moves traffic off, but it doesn't help to build community when this forum is hard to use at best.

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