Chesapeake Annapolis Wherry Tandem FOR SALE

I have an Annapolis Tandem Wherry for sale in Punta Gorda, Florida.  The boat was last finished about 3 years ago, painted bright inside and white outside.  It has a Row Wing drop in rowing unit. I set the boat up for single rowing.  Since getting to Florida and filling up the garage with two other boat projects and woodworking tools, I've no room to keep the boat indoors.  The sun is brutal down here.  The boat is outside on saw horses.  It needs a good sanding and paint/varnish inside and out. The oars or ok but well used from another boat (NE dory) and they are NOT stored in the sun. The row wing and oars are under the overhang near the pool.  All are in good condition but well used. 

SO!  I need to sell the boat. One reason is it is too hard to get into and out of the water over the bulkhead here on my canal.  Second, I'm a paddler mostly and I paddle my hawaiian outrigger mostly.  2nd back surgery took my fire and lower back strength.....

The boat, Row Wing, and carbon hatchet oars $1400.  Pick up only.  I'm 45 miles south of Sarasota, 25-30 miles north of Ft Meyers. I could deliver to either of these places, but no farther. 

I have no idea how to post photos of the boat, but I do have it listed on Ebay with photos.  Check the cost of a new tandem kit, wood only, or the Row Wing or C2 Carbon Oars online and you'll see you are looking at a rather low price.  It's got to go to make room for the other projects.    John Zeigler    201-264-6976 (TEXT FIRST!  I don't usually answer if I dont' recognize the number...robo calls, cold calls, scams etc)

Thanks for looking....

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RE: Chesapeake Annapolis Wherry Tandem FOR SALE

Just curious if were able to find a buyer are you still selling this tandem?

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