Passagemaker Lug Rig - Boom and Yard (boom)

Can someone tell me how the boom is held captive by the mast on the lug rigged passagemaker?  I've either other overloooked this minor detail or it's missing from the manual.

Bonus points will be awarded for images or video. 


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RE: Passagemaker Lug Rig - Boom and Yard (boom)

Can't seem to edit my post - title should read, Passagemaker Lug Rig -Mast and Yard (boom)

RE: Passagemaker Lug Rig - Boom and Yard (boom)

With a balanced lug there is no gooseneck or jaws as such, which is why the "boom" here is often referred to as the "lower yard" by some folks.  The sail is stretched out by the yards between halyard above and downhaul below, the considerable tension holding both upper and lower yard close to the mast, more or less.  That tension is what makes the rig work.

Sometimes, especially in larger sizes, the upper yard will be restrained from kiting away from the mast by some sort of a "parrel", a short line passing around the mast on the opposite side as the yard.  Indeed, sometimes, again especially in larger sizes, a parrel will be rigged to the boom or lower yard as well.

Here's a link to a shared Dropbox folder with some photos from our final fitting out and sailing sea trials of Winkle, our Passagemaker Dinghy:

...which may help you visualize that.  I've sometimes thought of putting a parrel on the upper yard to help keep the thing under control in frisky wind, but so far I've managed without it by practicing hoisting and lowering enough to be able to do both quickly.  With the first reef in, the yard doesn't seem to sag off enough to bother me.  Don't know about the second reef yet, as I've yet to have her out in enough wind to test that.

Hope that helps....


RE: Passagemaker Lug Rig - Boom and Yard (boom)

I opted for the gunter sloop rig on my Passagemaker, but for my Eastport Pram, I made a parrel from some small Dyneema and some craft beads.  This was for the upper yard, as I don't remember having any issues with the gooseneck/jaws, but the same princible applies.  Maybe a snotter could be devised also.

RE: Passagemaker Lug Rig - Boom and Yard (boom)

   @ Gramps 

Thank you very much - you really explained this well and the pictures are super helpful, too.  Beautiful Passagemaker you have there - well done! I was glad to see you had in the back of your truck as I am hopefuly to avoid tha hassle of trailering and just load it into the back of my Chevy for quick trips to local waterways.

Thank you again!


PS - Award yourself 50,000 bonus points. :-)


RE: Passagemaker Lug Rig - Boom and Yard (boom)

If you want to optimize your lug rig, I would suggest that you read through the following web page.  Mik Storer is aurguably one of the leading experts on lug performance. 

On my GIS, I use the halyard to hold the yard close to the mast per the info above.  Here is a picture.

This picture shows the bleater and vanghaul.  The combination holds the boam tightly against the mast and provides excellent control of both luff and leach tension.  


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