buffing interlux brightside?

So, no matter how many times I sand and reapply a properly 333'd coat of brightside, I still get some "dull" areas, and "tip borders" in my finish. 

Is there a tip or technique that I can use after my paint has cured to buff up those dull spots and "erase" the minor foam brush marks? 




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RE: buffing interlux brightside?


Interlux doesn't recommend buffing Brightside. That being said, after waiting two weeks for it to thououghly cure, I used an automotive buffer and polishing compound on the exterior of my Peeler Skiff. Then we buffed it with Turtle Wax. Ended up looking like gel-coat and still looks great after 5 seasons on the saltwarer. My grandson re-waxes it once a year.



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