Keeping the record straight

Recently I complained on these pages about what I regarded as not-very-good service from CLC about some bits I needed for my SmartTrack rudder system.   CLC was out of stock (manufacturer’s problem, I understand) but the communiqué back to me was a little tardy and not over-helpful.     Happy to now toss a bouquet to the guys at CLC who, hearing my cries, arranged for another watercraft retailer, far, far away, to send me the vital components.     That’s called running the extra mile, so thanks to Ed at CLC…  Wordsmith

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RE: Keeping the record straight

A few other actions that set CLC aside from other vendors I have worked with:

  1. Last weekend they gave me a free beer.
  2. The head guy gave me a free private cruise on the Chesapeake.
  3. They had three different types of beer - all of it free.
  4. Dave did a great demo on tip & roll for applying varnish, but was nice enough to keep his clothes on (I understand that as a purist his reccomendation is to shed all of that linty clothes for high end projects).
  5. The beer was cold and free - my favorite kind.
  6. Last weekend I saw my first $20k kayak. Although it certainly was worth it you could buy 20+ CLC boats with that money.
  7. They were willing to go the extra mile and drink beer with you, rather than just serve you and stare at you like a hungry basset hound.
  8. They did not complain that my money was wet and slightly salty.
  9. They provided significantly more sand and better weather than previous Okoumefests (so I hear)
  10. Their outdoor showrom on Fri was catered with great food and...

RE: Keeping the record straight

Gotta tell ya Wordsmith, I've been talking to CLC staff for a couple of years now and I wish all customer service and tech support folks did as good a job as these folks do.  And I can be a real pain in the arse with my questions.  When the owner of the company gets involved in a simple matter, as John Harris is likely to do, you have a good company there.  CLC service, expartise, responses and willingness to go the extra mile for the customre is second to none.  I've been around the block a few times and I recognize a well run ship when I see one.  Best,  Bob H

RE: Keeping the record straight

Haley -hmmm - didn't know about free beer.   I now await the tanker from the brewery at my front door.

Bob H - talking to the converted now!   I spent a lifetime in retail and have customer service in my DNA!   Almost all businesses talk about it, very few seriously practice it, even fewer excel at it.   I tried to, hence my paranoia... but all's well that ends well.   I shall continue to spend my (Aussie) dollars with CLC...

Thanks for comments, guys.



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