Pedal Drives?

Anyone experimented with a pedal drive system in the Mill Creek or similar open cockpit kayak?  Seems like you could add an H2O-Pro Ped if you could get the right angle and center of gravity low enough.

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RE: Pedal Drives?

   Yes it has been discussed................sort of. But I couldn't find it.  It is waiting for you to develop it. Of course you are proposing to put a sit-on-top device with high center of gravity in a low center of gravity sit-in kayak.  Remember that the hip and pedals are in the same horizontal line. Hence high up. No you can't put the pedal drive low since the drive requires a well that has a upper open top above the water line. Think a wide dagger board trunk.  Plus those go in boats with self bailing cockpits which the boat you propose does not have. All that puts the seat high, and the pedals high which means the front of the cockpit woulld have to be changed to a more square-ish design instead of a narrow point.  Remember too that you need the pedal drive to retract so you can get to shore. For example the hobie drive requires around 18" of water or the vanes have to be flipped horizontal side to side.  Screw drives don't flip up sideways and require depth while down.. 


It is waiting for you to be a pioneer. 

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