Last Minute Question - Please Help

Hello all, as the wonderful planner that I am I have waited until now to look into CLC's gift card deal where they are adding 10% to a purchase above $150. My plan is to buy the gift card to save some money in advance so I can buy a boat kit in the next few months when I have the storage space for it. While reading the fine print of the deal it appears as if this will work as I will not be using the gift card for the same transaction and I am not planning to use it for a building class. Just wanted to see if I could get some last minute insight before I spend the money of a kayak just to not be able to use it. Thanks!

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RE: Last Minute Question - Please Help

Yup. The only fine print is that you can't use the gift card in the same online transaction as when you buy it---though you could use it 40 seconds later in another transaction. Or 40 days or 40 weeks later.

And we can't discount boats built in classes because the boat kits provided in classes come with a lot of extra stuff and are super-expensive for us.

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