Whale Beads - Tenderly

Hi, I'm working on a Tenderly Dinghy and finishing the exterior. I'm painting the hull dark blue and would like to finish the Whale Beads in a light natural wood finish for contrast, but the epoxy made the Beads  quite dark.  Should I sand the epoxy off and just apply varnish?   Any other ideas for finishing these would be welcome. Perhaps matching the color with the outwhales and inwhales (which I have not epoxied yet).  Thank you.

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RE: Whale Beads - Tenderly

Hey Dean,

I actually have no idea what "Whale Beads" are, but would like to learn.  In my experience, all finishes on wood darken them somewhat.  The only way to achieve a lighter look that I can think of would be to epoxy them, then scuff the surface.  Even a clear varnish will probably give them a "wet" look.

RE: Whale Beads - Tenderly

   Whale beads are a thin decorative strip on the side of the boat. Thank you for the tip!

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