Fiberglassing Inlay

I’ve added an inlay to the foredeck of a Passagemaker take-apart. I haven’t installed the foredeck or fiberglassed over the inlay yet. The inlay instructions state that you fiberglass over the shaped area. Does that mean just the inlay with some overlap with surrounding area or the entire foredeck? Seems like fiberglassing just the inlay with overlap might make the fiberglassing more visible.

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RE: Fiberglassing Inlay

you glass the entire deck - which, in your case, will now also include covering the inlay.  so its all one piece.


RE: Fiberglassing Inlay

The manual I have for the PM does not require or specify the "deck" (which it describes as the "front seat") as needing to be glassed. My understanding is that the fiberglass is intended for for abrasion resistance and not necessary in this application. Unless there is a difference between the take-apart and the standard version I would say don't bother glassing. Also I imagine it would also be fairly difficult to get the glass to sit neatly around the knees.

Also if you are going to configure this with the standard sliding Gunter Sloop rig I would definitely caution against glassing the fordeck. The fact is the the mast compresses the wood on the deck and makes an indentation that would de-laminate the fiberglass. I am in the process of submitting an improved removable mast step to CLC for their consideration. 

Let me know if you would like me to share the details of this mast step with you.


RE: Fiberglassing Inlay


I would be interested in getting your materials on your improved removable mast step for the Passagemaker take-apart.

I do not know how that would be done.  Is there a private message feature on the forum?  If you see this, you could write to me at

Thank you,




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