Kayak Carrier Opinions!

Hi all,

I'm outfitting a new Malone Microsport XT kayak trailer and am trying to choose among the many carrier options.

These would stay on the trailer, so I have no need for some of the fanicier options like the ability to fold them down or an spring/piston "assist" to help heave boats on top of a car.

It seems I can get no-name, no frills carriers for around $40 a pop, but I have (possibly unreasonable) fears of a Brand X carrier failing while touring down the highway. However, any of the name brand options are several times as expensive- buy four sets and we're talking some serious $$$.

The Malone J-Pro 2 J-Style seems like a good compromise- sturdy, name-brand, but basic and around $100- but I'm really just guessing.

Thoughts from the hive mind? 





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RE: Kayak Carrier Opinions!

Congrats on the new trailer.  I use mine almost daily and love it.

My trailer came with three J-Pro 2s, so I use them a lot.  Each boat fits a bit differently so the bads on the J rack need to be moveable like they are on the J-Pro2.  

Not sure what boats you will be hauling, but high decked boats like the Shearwater Double will not fit in the J-Pro.  I use either saddles or gull wings for that boat.  I also have two sets of V bars that I use for the race boats. 

The last point is that you have a long boat (18'+) you will want to transport it in the middle of the trailer.  If it is also heavy, you may want to get a set of rollers.  It is a bit of a reach to lift a heavy boat up and onto an interior J rack.

RE: Kayak Carrier Opinions!

   I don't have a trailer, but I do have a couple rack systems on a couple different trucks. I have both Yakima and Mlone J cradles on one truck and both work just fine. Bought both used on a good deal, but if I were to buy new it would be Malone for the price. Malone quality is right up there with Yakima and Thule, just not as refined. Their customer service is very good though and replacement parts are readily avalable. I agree with some of the "bargin basement" brands as to quality. Malone bridges that gab in my opinion.

RE: Kayak Carrier Opinions!

   I have the yakima folding J rack but also bought an ebay rack in the $30-40 range and find it performs just fine with my stich and glue kayak. They are basically just bent tubing so the critacal area is the attachment to the bars which is solid.

RE: Kayak Carrier Opinions!

Thanks for the input, all!



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