Little Auk Strongback guidance


Just starting an 11’ Little Auk. I’ve attached some pictures to see if I’m doing it correctly. Also have no idea how the ends go. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately I can’t attach pictures. How do I attach pictures ? 



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RE: Little Auk Strongback guidance

Posting Pictures:

Bow and stern forms are covered on page 75 of Nick's book, "The Strip Built Kayak."  If you don't have it, you should buy it.  In the meantime, go to Nick's youtube channel and watch his videos.

On my third strip build, I used internal stems and he deomonstrates on the vidoes.  I now prefer that over end pours.  Picts below are bow and stern forms with internal stems for my Mystery.  

RE: Little Auk Strongback guidance

I am on the home stretch of mine joining the decks

I did it like my canoe a inner and outter stem if thats what you are asking

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