Trailer setup for Skerry

Just finished assembling a Trailex SUT-250-S which is the recommended trailer for my almost completed Skerry. I would appreciate any advice on the best placement of the bunks and rollers. Should the bunks rest on the bottom panel which means they'd be really close together or should they rest on the #1 panel? The bunks are 6” x 48”, I'm pretty sure they can be adjusted to match the angle of the #1 panels.  Also, how far should the hull overhang the bunks? Thanks, Captain Mike.

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RE: Trailer setup for Skerry

   I got the same trailer.  I wound up putting it w/ the bunks on the #1 planks but fiddled until I got them angled better than the manual would have had.

RE: Trailer setup for Skerry

I'm getting one of these. Need to add the wiring and ball to the car (I have a receiver). Is the trailer coupler height around the standard 17 inches?

RE: Trailer setup for Skerry

   Coupler height is closer to 14"

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