Transporting Chesapeake 17 car-top?

We're about to transport a Chesapeake 17 kayak across country strapped to Thule kayak-friendly attachents on top of a small car.  Is there a consensus about whether the kayak should be right-side up or upside down?  Either way, the cockpit will be covered, but I'm concerned about 65 mph headwinds acting on the upturned bow if transported upright.

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RE: Transporting Chesapeake 17 car-top?


FWIW, every kayak (CH16LT, Petrel, Night Heron, Night Heron SG, WD12 to name a few) I've ever transported has been upright. As long as you've properly strapped it on (including bow and stern lines if the space between the bars is relatively short), you'll be fine.

The sharp bow slices through the air just as it slices through the water. It's the side gusts that will get you and that will happen upright or upside down. That's where the bow and stern lines will save you.

I also transport(ed) my 12-ft sailing dinghy and pirogue upside down because they are completely undecked with no cover. That also works just fine.

So I'd say you could do whichever you prefer, as long as everything is properly tied down.

Have a good trip and check your lines at every stop.



RE: Transporting Chesapeake 17 car-top?

   Everytime I attempt to carry my kayaks upside down the cradles, bars etc end up on a hatch. I don't like that. So they are always right side up.

RE: Transporting Chesapeake 17 car-top?

be sure  to  cover  te  cockpit.  you  don't  want  rain  filling  up  the  boat  as  you  travel. (  ask  me  how i  know  this...)   

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