Filling the epoxy weave Peeler skiff

After a long hiatus, I am finally back to the boat project. I have not found in the instructions just when to apply layers of epoxy to fill the weave on the hull bottom and sides. My gut says do it just after all the skids are in and the second layer of glass in on the bottom, but sometimes my gut is wrong. Can you tell me when you did the weave fill on your Peeler?


Charlie D

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RE: Filling the epoxy weave Peeler skiff


Listen to your gut. I don't have a peeler, but on all my boats filling the weave was the last thing I did just before taking it out for a test ride before applying the final finish. (Test ride first in case I needed to change something since I did not want to have to remove a nice finish).

BTW, anywhere you are painting you can use something other than epoxy to fill the weave. I prefer a mix of phenolic microballoons and epoxy, mixed to a frosting-like consistency. It's lighter and cheaper than unthickened epoxy, goes on faster and is easier to sand smooth. Other folks use commercially available fairing compounds.

Have fun,



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