Stem and stern pieces a la Laszlo WD

Hello all, I'm putting together a Shearwater 17, and trying to keep it lighter on the weight side.  I saw and liked what Laszlo did in his Wood Duck blog with the stem and stern pieces (Carving smaller pieces of a tangerine crate and epoxying them into place as a lightweight fill).   I'm assuming that when placing mountings or drilling a hole for a rope handle towards the end of the build, drill-fill-drill will still work in this area?  If i've got a 3/4" (for arguement's sake, not sure what size to do) hole for a rope handle running through from side to side, will that still be strong enough to hold?  Thanks for any insight!

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RE: Stem and stern pieces a la Laszlo WD

i have a shearwater 17 and for my holes for rope i use the drill-fill-drill technique.  i start with 3/4, fill, and the drill it out with a 1/2 inch....which is you get it right leave a 1/8 inch inner epoxy ring.

the 1/2 inch hole make it very easy to threat a standard line through the bow even when you have a rope handle....which usually used no more than 1/4 inch cord.

i also like to keep it light and typically carve a little cedar block in the place of a traditional end-pour...and epoxy it in place.  cedar is very light.  i basically try to make it no bigger than is required so that the drilled hole is within the block (e.g., you don't put a hole into the boat that would let water into the hull).  as long as it is not open, this piece does not have to be very big.  strength is not a big issue in the have a lot of pieces all coming together in the ends and it will be plenty strong....

since you are setting this all up prior to the deck being can be much more surgical than trying to do an endpour on a joined hull.

hope that helps



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