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I'm looking at the Trailex SUT-250-M as a solution to transport three or four "recreation" size kayaks (read: not narrow Greenland types). However I can't find much information on how folks are actually attaching boats to this trailer.

It looks like you can strap boats directly to the padded arms of the trailer, but then you're probably limited to two boats. In some of the pictures on this site, it look like people have attached j-hook kayak carriers to the arms to hold boats on their sides to save room.

So two questions:

*Does anyone have experience carrying four kayaks with this trailer or think it's doable with j-hooks?

*Any other trailers out there better suited to carrying 4 kayaks? 






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RE: Trailex Trailer

  I have a Malone Microsport with 78" bars that I routinely use to carry four kayaks.  Four J racks fit easily, but I generally replace one J rack with gull wings which are better for wide/deep double.  Bars are standard so they will take any normal kayak holders - J racks, V-racks, gull wings, rollers, saddles etc.  I have had it for three years now and it has held uo well with heavy use.  The Malone has an optional removable tounge which makes it much easier to store.

 I don't know anything about the Trailex but is has 72" bars so you will definately need all J racks for four boats.  I see that it also only has a 250# capacity.  I have a friend with a SportsRig trailer that he has towed all over the USA.  It uses T-bars to hold four kayaks, two on top and two on bottom. 

Here is S&G Petrel Play, Wahoo and Frej (90%) on J racks with the Shearwater Double on saddles (front) and rollers (aft).


Here are the Ch16LT, Ch17LT and Frej on J racks with the Double on gull wings.  I prefer the gull wings over saddles/rollers because they don't scratch the varnish as much.  On the roof rack is the PP on foam blocks and a Stellar SEI on V racks.

Here are the Mystery and SEI both on V-racks.


RE: Trailex Trailer

Thanks, Mark- that's a big help.



RE: Trailex Trailer

Update- I’m sold. Just ordered the MicroSport XT today.

Thanks again for the tip.


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