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Greetings, I had the fortune to purchase NOD from a gentleman who due to health reasons chose to sell.  I've been able to take her out several times in various conditions,  from rowing only, to light winds, to a stiff breeze.  She's a tad different from my last clipper bow gaffer, and a "touch" lighter! I will mainly sail on lake Hartwell in SC, a manmade lake with light and fickle winds in summer till the afternoon breeze kicks in, though fall,  winter and spring can have some decent wind.

So far I've managed to drop the tiller and an oar a time or two and argued about what to do with two sets while sailing, though i have found the posts on that subject.

I have jammed the halyard,  hoisted the sail wrong, modified the way the halyard is rigged (I forget the name) so the sail hoists in better shape and contemplated a better arrangement for the cleats ...

What I could use some help with is a snotter arrangement for the downhaul, I have the balanced lug; I would not mourn the loss of cleats on the mast; I'm curious at which point I should consider a reef as a general rule and what is the process for such as there are no reef lines on the leech and luff (I assume you pull the downhaul through the luff reefing eye, not sure about the leech) .

Also a thank you to SilverSalt for his photo log on modifications and upgrades! 

It looks to be a fun little ship, now for some seat covers, as my bum has no fat .....

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