Boat and sail selection for newbie

I am thinking about starting my first build, and leaning to the Skerry or Northeaster Dory.

1) My understanding is that I can use a Lug rig, or Sloop rig (mainsail + jib) on either boat. Is that correct?

2) What are the "headroom" considerations for the various combinations? I am tall. Also, I bonked my wife on the head with a boom while sailing many years ago. Hoping to avoid head injuries for both of us.

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RE: Boat and sail selection for newbie

I've got a Skerry with the lug rig.  I typically sit or kneel on the floor. I'm 5' 10", and I find that I've got plenty of headroom if I hoist the sail to within 6" or so of the top.  If my wife (5" 0") is along, she likes to sit all the way in the bow, and then I'm best off to hoist the sail all the way up.  Even then, she has to stay sat to be completely safe.  She'd have plenty of head clearance if she was also sitting on the floor.



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