Dealing With Orange Peel

Have been having a lot of trouble with orange peeling on my epoxy coats. I think I know what I've been doing wrong, but when it comes to fixing the bad coats: Do I need to sand completely flat? (It's been a few days since I applied the coat) Or Can I use a scotch bright pad to scuff up the orange peel areas after taking down the high spots and continue to my next coat?

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RE: Dealing With Orange Peel

Hi Joe, 

it's always best if you can post a picture of what you are dealing with so that folks can see what you are really experiencing...

that said, my general advice would be:

if the weave has not been filled, you won't be able to sand it flat without cutting into the just scothbrite it, clean with denatured alcohol, and then put a new coat of epoxy down.  

if the weave has been filled and you have an orange peel or any surface irregularity, just sand it flat prior to any more epoxy being added.  adding epoxy over an orange peel surface will not result in an improvement to the situation.

all the best, 


RE: Dealing With Orange Peel

   +1 for hspira's advice.  I'll add that you can get a better surface from you epoxy coats if you roll and tip just like with paint.  I use the small diameter trim rollers found at the big box stores.  The roller holds a lot of epoxy so it will get hot when it kicks.  When that happens, through it away and start with a new roller.  It is a bit wastfull from the epoxy perspective, but saves a bunch of sanding.  

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