Skerry Launch checklist

And here's a launch checklist I put together for my Skerry ("Raven") for a day sail, in the hopes of one day reaching the goal of 15 minutes, from time of reaching the boat ramp to time of shoving off.  

0.    Remove Trailer Straps

1.    Install Auksiliary Oar Locks (in Blue Bungie Bag), Tie Secure Wires Underneath

2.    Install Rudder; Secure Tiller; Install Tiller Bolt; Secure Tiller into Slot; Raise Rudder Up, Tighten

3.    Install Daggerboard Filler Board into Seat Slot

4.    Lay Daggerboard & its Bungie Strap on Fwd Floor compartment

5.    Install carpet floor onto Aft cockpit floor; put two seat cushions there, towel

6.    Tie Yellow Bailer Bucket to Front Blue Tow Rope; put gray bucket nekst to it, w/Tow Rope inside it; put Sponge in Yellow Bailer Bucket

7.    Install FM/AM/Weather Radio

8.      Attach GPS & Time/compass/Temp console

9.    Put Life Jacket on Front Deck

10.      Put Equipment Bag on Aft Deck

11.      Put Orange compact Paddle onto floor of Aft cockpit

12.    Lay Black canoe Seat on top of Daggerboard Filler Board

13.    Put Sailing Hat in Rear Right Underdeck compartment w/Towel

14.    Put Boost in one Drink Holder, Put G-2 in the Other

15.    Put 10 Lb Weights into Under Mid-Seat compartments

16.    Lay Sail/Boom/Yard onto Port Side of Boat, the End with Blue Gaff String in Fore of Boat

17.     Undo the Sail Ties, place them into plastic baggy in Fore compartment; Remove Yellow Mast Strips

18.    Remove Mast Trailer cushions; Turn Mast with Vang cleat on Port Side

19.    Run Mainsail Halyard Thru Port side of Mast Hole, down into Front Deck Starboard Hole, into the Block, and Across to the Starboard Side cleat

20.    Attach Wind Vane to Top of Mast; use straight head screwdriver from toolboks

21.    Put Phillips, Scissors, and Velcro into Equipment Bag

22.     Put Black Raincoat Bag & Blue Bungy Bag in Fore cockpit underneath Middle seat

23.    Raise Main Mast, Install into Mast Step, Secure with Yellow Strips

24.    Pull on Main Halyard, Raise Mainsail to near Full Top, Secure Halyard to cleat

25.    Install Vang loosely, Secure Gaff Puller loosely, Install Mainsheet

26.    Lower Mainsail back down into Port Side of boat, Wrap Sail out of the way

27.    Install the Oars

28.    Disattach the Trailer Light bus

29.    Put Hip Boots on, Put Shoes back into Boat

30.    Attach Tow Rope to Bow Blue Rope, leave on Bow deck

31.    Drive Boat down to Boat Ramp, Dis-engage Bow Hook, Hold Tow Rope, Back car/boat into water



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RE: Skerry Launch checklist

   Apologies for some spelling errors.  Some keys on my keyboard aren't working and so had to improvise.  

RE: Skerry Launch checklist

You forgot talking with bystanders (always good for an extra 20 minutes):

1. Yes, it's a wooden boat

2. Yes, I built it myself

3. It was a kit


    It was from plans

4. It is pretty, thanks

5. No, it's not for sale

6. It's for sale but you couldn't afford it

7. It weighs less than you do - really

8. It doesn't need a motor

9. Wow, your dog really likes my leg, doesn't he?

10. Chesapeake Light Craft

Have fun with your first launch and don't forget to post pictures,




RE: Skerry Launch checklist

   Ha!  You nailed it, Laszlo.   All true.  

RE: Skerry Launch checklist

   Tell me about your daggerboard bungie strap. I need something like that.

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