Northeaster Dory

Saw an add for a NE Dory that claimed to have a gaff rig on it. Never heard of one with a gaff rig. Does that seem like a good idea on this boat. Seems that it would be a good bit harder to raise, lower and reef the sail. Not sure what it would do to the balance of the boat under sail - maybe more lee helm? If that rig is not tenable, wouldn't it be pretty easy to switch to a lug?



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RE: Northeaster Dory

I used to have a schooner with 2 gaffs. It was totally easy to raise, lower and reef the sails. The main thing is to have lazy jacks or topping lifts to support the boom while the sail is loose

Since a gaff sail is fairly close in shape to a lug, it should be possible to design a sail plan where the balance is preserved. Can't guarantee that the builder of that particular boat did that, but there's no theoretical reason to not go with a gaff-rigged dory.



RE: Northeaster Dory

   I'll have to get the guy to provide some pictures of the rig on the boat to see how it looks. My thinking is that it may have been a conversion from a rowing dory to a sailng one and the rig might be from a different boat.


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